Now Net Arts Conference

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van 7 november 2019 tot 10 november 2019

NowNet Arts Conference 2019 - Satellite site

Nieuws Eventvan 7 november 2019 tot 10 november 2019

Social Purpose in Contemporary Network Arts, 7-10 November 2019

The Orpheus Institute will be one of the satellite sites for the NowNet Arts Conference 2019. This means attendees and presenters can participate to the conference from the Orpheus Institute. The primary site of the conference on contemporary network arts is the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS), Stony Brook University, USA.

NowNet Arts Conference is an annual event for artists, technologists, researchers, educators, and industry professionals advancing topics in contemporary network arts for the ongoing development of the field. The 2019 theme Social Purpose in Contemporary Network Arts is a prominent motivation and capacity of this work. The ability to transcend geographic distance through performance and technology has inspired new forms of social connection and impact. As an artistic medium, contemporary network arts is a social purpose. It has also served as a vehicle for community projects on themes such as peace building, the environment, and diversity. Technologists in the field have incorporated social topics including access, green technology, and international network development.

The NowNet Arts Conference 2019 Social Purpose in Contemporary Network Arts is a program of papers, workshops, presentations, and concert demonstrations that feature this topic and generate new innovations for this work forward.

Orpheus Research Fellow Juan Parra Cancino will bring two performances on November 7: Stockhausen's "Solo(s)" and his "Multiple Paths" (with Brice Soniano, double bass, and Karin De Fleyt, flute). On November 9 he will present a paper/demo on "Timbre Networks".

  • Primary site: Institute for advanced computational science (IACS), Stony Brook University, New York, USA
  • Satellite site: Center for computer research in music and acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, California, USA
  • Satellite site: Electronic studies at the Technical University, Berlin, Germany
  • Satellite site: Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK
  • Satellite site: Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium

The primary site IACS provides a hub for the conference with a 100Gbps Internet2 network. Softwares and hardwares for network arts will be utilized including JackTrip, LOLA, UltraGrid, Zoom, and others. Attendees and presenters can participate in-person at IACS Stony Brook University, CCRMA Stanford University, Technical University Berlin, Edinburgh Napier University, Orpheus Institute, or online from a remote site via Zoom and Livestream.

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