Margherita Brillada 2022 11 30

Margherita Brillada


Associate Doctoral Researcher

Margherita Brillada is an Italian electroacoustic music composer and sound artist based in The Hague and Berlin. She obtained a Master's degree from the Institute of Sonology in The Hague under the supervision of Justin Bennett and Richard Barrett with a research project focused on Radio Art as an expression of social relatedness and achieved her diploma with distinction receiving the Konrad Boehmer Prize. Her practice involves field recording and soundscape compositions characterized by voices and instrumental sonorities. By increasing audiences' awareness, her work explores sound installations with immersive listening experiences and radio artworks in search of new synergies between pure abstraction and storytelling, bringing voice to current social thematics. She currently collaborates with Cashmere Radio, an experimental community radio station based in Berlin. The ambition of the radio is to preserve and promote broadcasting practices by playing with the plasticity and malleability of the medium, honouring and challenging its intrinsic qualities. Her works have been performed and broadcast in various countries, including Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Greece. She is currently a research associate at the Institute of Sonology and a docARTES PhD candidate at the ACPA University of Leiden (NL), with a project entitled: Re-thinking Radio Art: Community Radio and WebRadio.

Her PhD project emerges from strands of theoretical and compositional research upon completing her Master's Research Project at the Institute of Sonology and while working at Cashmere Radio. The research project is conceived to participate in social reality actively and aims to create a specific "radio poetics", taking into account paradigms and specificities of the radio medium, developing a compositional and theoretical approach intended as a tool for critical reflection on current issues. The research will investigate theoretical issues about community radio, collective listening, the socio-political agency of radio as a medium, new media technological development, and artistic implications/implementations.

The project's ambition is to foster the development of a radio station open to the public in situ and at the same time broadcasting online with an Online Interactive Sonic Platform, which will be developed in collaboration with the research group MetamusicX led by dr Paulo de Assis. The aims of such a model are to explore the continuously expanding potential of new media as well as to offer an intimate space for reflection on artistic practices and communities. Collaborating with various realities and creating bridges between different communities within the city of Den Haag, Leiden, Ghent, and Berlin, the project is an attempt to enhance and celebrate the performative, social, and informative power of radio she believes lies within the medium itself.