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This online repository contains complementary materials to the publication Experimental Encounters in Music and Beyond. These examples should be viewed in connection with their respective chapters in the publication.

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Experimental Encounters in Music and Beyond (Kathleen Coessens, ed.)

Audio related to Chapter 6: Austerity Measures and Rich Rewards

Authors: David Gorton and Christopher Redgate

Audio example 06.01

Audio example 06.02

Video related to Chapter 7: Rational Spaces: Cooperation and Collaboration between Interpreter and Composer in Electroacoustic Music

Author: Sebastian Berweck

Videos related to Chapter 8: Trans-form: Sketches, Experiments, and Concepts in Artistic Creation

Author: Jan C. Schacher

From move2 to trans-form | Experimental work 2008-2011 | exploring movement-sound relationships | Interaction technologies, video: Jan Schacher | Movement, dance: Angela Stöcklin | Sounds, music: Marie-Cécile Reber

Trans-form | Intermedia stage performance | Interactivity, projections, scenography: Jan Schacher | Dance, choreography: Angela Stöcklin | Music, composition: Marie-Cécile Reber | Live at Theater der Künste Zürich, Switzerland), February 2012

Videos related to Chapter 11: “Association”: A Way of Artistic Experimentation That Can Expand Interpretation Possibilities

Author: Valentin Gloor

Videos related to Chapter 15: Composition as Improvisation/Improvisation as Composition

Authors: David Horne and Melinda Maxwell

Audio related to Chapter 16: Austerity Measures and Rich Rewards

Author: Reto Stadelman

Audio example 16.01