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Call for members: Community of Practice - The Art of Feedback

Call October 17, 2019

Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates

We invite supervisors, artist-researchers and doctorates to share their experiences with giving and receiving artistic feedback, critiquing and discussing artistic elements in a doctoral context.

About the Community of Practice - The Art of Feedback

With our community of practice we add a dimension to our research project. CoP - The Art of Feedback is an open learning space for supervisors, artistic doctorates and other actors involved.

Why become a member of the CoP?

Supervisors of artistic doctorates rarely seem to receive specific training in how to establish a constructive environment and discourse in which to address the artistic work directly. Agreeing the parameters for meaningful critique – critique which is not based solely on a shared artistic language – is at the heart of this relationship, which touches on the most vital and vulnerable zone of artistic research.

For supervisors; have you found certain approaches and techniques useful when directly addressing the artistic elements presented by doctorates? Have you reflected on recurring issues?

Or are you looking for ways to improve your supervisory practice by learning from these examples and tailoring them to your own situation?

For artistic research doctorates; have you experienced certain approaches and techniques useful when presenting artistic material in the different stages of your PhD journey?

Or are you looking for ways to communicate your needs better?

Outcomes and objectives

Fruitful dialogues between experts and involved actors will lead to:

  • Clear feedback and discussion tools to test out and refine
  • A better and faster understanding of what is needed to improve supervisory practices concerning the addressment of artistic materials
  • Knowledge exchange from the different art disciplines

For who?

  • Supervisors
  • Artist-researchers
  • Artistic research doctorates
  • Others involved in artistic research doctoral programmes

Do you know of good practices in how to establish a constructive environment for artistic feedback and meaningful critique? Do you want to learn from others in the field through fruitful dialogues in an online and offline platform?


  • "Identifying good practices" - online one hour discussion: first week of December 2019: DTB in group. This will be a written discussion in real time. Questions are posed where every participant can answer, elaborate on answers, form small group discussions, etc.
  • Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 11:00-12:00 CET – Session #1 Artistic guidance in a doctoral context: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – Discussion report session #1 Artistic guidance in a doctoral context: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Tuesday, March 24 – Launch temporary discussion/learning platform for CoP – members.
  • Tuesday, June 3, 19:30-20:45 CET – Session #2 Artistic versus Academic processes in a doctoral context.
  • Multiplier Event 25 - 27 November 2020 - Orpheus Instituut, Ghent (more info)

Other activities depend on group input and dynamics.

Registration form


Deadline for registration: 12 November 2019

Please contact Christina Stabourlos ( for further information or questions.

About the research project - The Art of Feedback

The Art of Feedback is a research project for artistic doctorates in the performing and visual arts. The project looks at how supervisors in artistic research can create environments where fruitful artistic feedback and discussions take place. This in the context of the Strategic Partnership; Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates

Being able to share knowledge and expertise with colleagues is essential for the development of an independent professional artist. In performing arts, such as theatre and dance, concrete methods and strategies for peer-to-peer feedback are widespread. Within the field of artistic research and artistic research education, however, artistic feedback has not been given much attention. In fact, numerous studies have recognised the need for specific training in this subject area. Considering the similarities between the work of artists and artist-researchers, the integration of strategies for feedback from the performing arts into artistic-research programmes, and into doctoral supervision processes in particular is a potential asset for the future of artistic research.