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Date and location

from April 27, 2011 until April 28, 2011
Orpheus Instituut

Experimentation in the Context of Performance Practice

Eventfrom April 27, 2011 until April 28, 2011

ORCiM Seminar 2011

The third International ORCiM Seminar organised at the Orpheus Institute offers an opportunity for an international group of contributors to explore specific aspects of ORCiM's research focus: Artistic Experimentation in Music. The theme of the conference is: Experimentation in the Context of Performance Practice.

This two-day international seminar aims at exploring the complex role of experimentation in the context of performance practices and the artistic possibilities that such practices yield for performers, composers and listeners. Three main perspectives will be adopted: a historical approach revealing experimental performance practices from the past, a practical approach that takes the ‘skilled body' as its point of departure, and finally, an open-ended approach that challenges state-of-the-art practices in the field of music performance.

Prof. Paul Roberts (Professor of Keyboard, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, U.K.) gives a keynote lecture on “Speculation, Analogy, Context, Experiment: an exploration of performance preparation.”