Sonitum Horarium2 C Dries Segers

Visit the Orpheus Institute during OdeGand

News Event August 21, 2018

Sonitum Horarium (Hans Beckers for ChampdAction)

15 September 2018, 13.30 - 18.00

On Saturday 15 September, Ghent Flanders Festival kicks off the cultural season with OdeGand. This music festival offers 60 indoor and open-air concerts over 15 great locations. On view at the Orpheus Institute is the sound installation Sonitum Horarium whereby the instruments are all kinds of desert sand from different continents. This installation shows the fascinating sound of sand: desert sand from different continents flows through hourglasses that were created especially for this installation. They all have their own specific noise and sound that is determined by the texture of the sand and the material that captures the sand.

Hans Beckers, sand organ

Istvan Leel-Össy, technics

ChampdAction, production

In the programme of OdeGand. More info and tickets:

(Photo: Dries Segers)