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Remembering Phill Niblock

News January 11, 2024

With profound sorrow and heavy hearts, we, at the Orpheus Institute, extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of the late Phill Niblock. He was a luminary in the world of sound art and a cherished collaborator within the Orpheus community.

Phill Niblock's groundbreaking work and unwavering dedication to exploring sound and its infinite possibilities have left an indelible mark on contemporary music. His innovative contributions across various mediums have inspired countless artists and scholars, establishing him as a true pioneer in experimental sound.

Among his former colleagues and friends at the Orpheus Institute, we fondly remember Phill Niblock's meaningful collaborations with Seth Josel, Bob Gilmore, Godfried-Willem Raes, Nicolas Collins, and Juan Parra Cancino. Their shared passion for pushing the boundaries of sonic expression fostered an environment of creativity and exploration that still resonates within our community.

We extend heartfelt condolences to Phill Niblock's beloved wife, Katherine, an active participant in the NowNet Arts community. We are deeply sorry for her loss and stand in solidarity during this challenging time.

As we reflect on Phill Niblock's legacy, let us celebrate the profound impact he made on the world of music and sound art. His influence will endure through the works of those he inspired and the countless individuals privileged to cross paths with this remarkable artist.

May Phill Niblock's soul rest in peace, and may his contributions continue to inspire future generations of sound explorers.

With sincere condolences,

The Orpheus Institute Team