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Date and location

from March 30, 2015 until April 1, 2015
Orpheus Instituut

Sensible and Sensorial Explorations in Music

Eventfrom March 30, 2015 until April 1, 2015

International Orpheus Academy For Music & Theory 2015

With the topic 'Sensible and sensorial explorations in Music', the International Orpheus Academy for Music & Theory 2015 will open the field of investigation towards a sensorial approach to music and its aesthetic theories.

Sensory aspects of art are primordial in music practices. The musician listens, plays, listens deeper to play differently, to adapt the body, listens again and again; he or she is deeply involved in the sensorial qualities of his or her practice. However, when it comes to a reflection on or analysis of music, the cognitive aspects and the artwork as object are stressed. A sensorial approach to arts was rather absent in or confined to the borders of discourse on music, aesthetics and philosophy of art. This tension between theory and practice mirrors the different notions of the word 'aesthetics' over western history. While Baumgarten explored aesthetics as the relation between sensibility and reason, sensation and thinking, as a Sciencia cognitionis sensitivae, aesthetics afterwards ignored the status of the sensorial as being too confused and not reliable. Hence, two different paths of aesthetics evolved: the minor one grounded in a sensorial, physical origin of music events, the major one as the intellectual appreciation and intellectual analysis of 'beauty'. It is the aim of this academy to consider and discuss these tensions and to provide a platform for the realm of the sensible, the affect and the sensation beside cognitivist theories of aesthetics drawing upon the intelligible and the conceptual. Such an aesthetics involves the position and reflection of the music practitioner and retraces it as the domain of the sensible, involving an appreciation of the value of sensorial experience and qualities in the interaction between human being and environment.

Guest faculty

  • Salome Voegelin (Swiss-UK), Artist, writer - University of the arts London
  • Tim Ingold (Scotland) , Anthropologist - University of Aberdeen
  • Michael Levinas (France) , Pianist, composer - Conservatoire National de Paris
  • Fabien Lévy (France-Germany) , Composer - Hochschule für Musik Detmold
  • Lasse Thoresen (Norway) , Composer - Norges Musikkhøgskole



€ 100 - General Registration Fee |  € 40 - Bachelor and Master students -26 | € 0 - docARTES students and ORCiM associated researchers