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Date and location

from December 15, 2010 until December 16, 2010
Orpheus Instituut

Sound & Score

Eventfrom December 15, 2010 until December 16, 2010

ORCiM Seminar 2010

As an art form based upon sound, music deals with complex semiotic translations and interactions between different perceptual senses and systems of signification: sound, score, meaning. Primarily, music has to do with the invisible, with forces that cannot be seen but that touch listeners in very compelling ways. However, in many cultures - Western and non-Western - music has been codified in notated form, originating complex written artefacts - the score -. Here, different signs and symbols not only allow for the retention and transmission of certain elements of the musical fabric but also liberate forces that are not conceivable without graphic representations.

This seminar introduces the act of notating as an important and pivotal activity within the rich array of activities that constitute musical practice. The two-day international seminar aims at exploring the intimate relation(s) between sound and score and the artistic possibilities that this relationship yields for performers, composers and listeners. Three main perspectives will be adopted: a conceptual approach that allows for contributions from other fields of enquiry (history, musicology, semiotics, etc.), a practical one that takes the skilled body as its point of departure and finally an experimental approach that challenges state-of-the-art practices.