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Three new chamber music ensembles and a new guest professor

News October 8, 2021

Advanced chamber music course

The advanced chamber music course is organised annually by the Orpheus Institute. We kick off the new academic year with a new guest professor, Tony Nys, and three new ensembles: Trio Calligramme, Morpheus Duo and Nereus Quartet.

Tony Nys

Tony Nys studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels with Clemens Quatacker and Philippe Hirshhorn. From 1998 to 2005 he played the viola with the Danel Quartet with performances at several national and international festivals. He has been Principal Viola since 2007 with the Theatre Royale de la Monnaie in Brussels.

Tony teaches viola at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and is a member of the Malibran String Quartet.

New ensembles

Trio Calligramme: Bénédicte Legrand, Isis Larrère and Mireille Kovac

Morpheus Duo: Lydia Michel and Ana Sofia Sousa

Nereus Quartet: Joana Revez Mendonça, Christina Tsakalidou, José Miguel Borges and Sebastián Rodríguez Tapia

Advanced chamber music course at the Orpheus Institute

The Orpheus Institute offers an advanced chamber music course every year: musicians with a rich chamber music experience provide invaluable tips and hints to young ensembles and prepare them for a concert at the Orpheus Institute. The masterclass provides 18 teaching hours for ensembles consisting of 2 to 7 national and international musicians.

The application form can be completed at any time of the year and will be evaluated by the guest professors who decide whether the ensemble can take part in the upcoming audition.

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