Undoing Supervision

Undoing Supervision

News April 20, 2022

Final outcome Advancing Supervision for Artistic Doctorates

As one of the project partners, Orpheus Institute is delighted to announce 'Undoing Supervision - A Compendium of Key Issues in Supervising Artistic Research Doctorates', the final output book of the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Project 'Advancing Supervison for Artistic Research Doctorates' (2018-2021)*.

Undoing Supervision aims to present the outcomes of a three years strategic partnership project in a nutshell. As such it is to be understood as a poly vocal document, intended as a contribution to the field of artistic research and the advancement of artistic research doctorates. Inevitably, this compendium is neither exhaustive nor conclusive, but rather presents the results of the project at a particular point in time, and invites further engagement with the key issues at stake. It provides direct and open access to the online resources developed by and through the partnership and in conversation with the community of peers, professionals and stakeholders in and for artistic research (doctorates).

Undoing Supervision is an e-book and can be downloaded here.

A complete output overview can be found here.

*Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.