Charles Shrader

The following examples are performed by Luca Montebugnoli on a square piano by Johannes Joachim Swanen (Paris, 1798) and were recorded at Domaine royal de Randan (Randan, France) on June 10, 2022.

Example 1:

Steibelt, Mélange, op. 10, “Air Espagnol par Steibelt” 

The same without the harp and sustain pedals:

Example 2:

Steibelt, Mélange, “Duo della Cosa rara” and transition to “du Ballet de Télémaque [dans l’isle de Calypso]”

Example 3:

Steibelt, Mélange, seventh variation of “Vive Henri IV”

Example 4:

Steibelt, Mélange, “charmante Gabrielle”

Example 5a:

Steibelt, Mélange, “Vive Henri IV” theme and first variation

Example 5b:

Steibelt, Mélange, third variation of “Vive Henri IV”

Performance video:

Daniel Steibelt
Adagio: Fantaisie from his Sonata in G Major, Op. 64 (Paris, publ. 1805)

Performed by Tom Beghin, Sint-Truiden, February 15, 2019