Bob Gilmore

Bob Gilmore (1961 - 2015)

News January 5, 2015

On January 2, 2015, Bob Gilmore passed away.

Bob had been a research fellow at the Orpheus Research Centre in Music, and the centre’s steering committee officer since the summer of 2013. As a fellow, he was actively involved in all of the Orpheus Institute’s interests, co-editing Artistic Experimentation in Music – An Anthology, sitting on the Orpheus Editorial Board, participating in docARTES sessions, supervising doctoral students, and co-convening and chair in many Orpheus events. Throughout his diverse activities at the Institute, Bob was appreciated, needed and admired for his intellectual and human capacities. His taste for the artistic underdog, his keen sense for what can and needs to be researched, his ever powerful strive for discovery, as well as his experiences and vision with regards to academia and artistry, to teaching and mobilizing people, and to the Oxford comma, have shown to be exactly what the institute had been looking for when Bob came along. His warm and fun-loving disposition, always ready for a chat, or with a helping hand and mind, made Bob a most cherished colleague, companion and friend to all of the institute’s staff, students and guests. We are grateful to have had the honor of counting Bob among our collaborators.

Next to being part of the projects of Paulo de Assis (ME21) and Luk Vaes (Experimental Legacy), Bob developed, carried out and presented his own projects on experimentation, such as his Five Maps of the Experimental World, and Nicola Vicentino: a second life.

Here’s a sample of Bob’s work at the Orpheus Institute: