The Sound Of Feedback Visual

Date and location

January 25, 2020
Canterbury Christ Church University, Daphne Oram Building

The Sound of Feedback, The Idea of Feedback in Sound

EventJanuary 25, 2020


Registration is now open for the Seminar at Canterbury Christ Church University on 25 January 2020.

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  • WinterSound Festival and the Composition, Improvisation and Sonic Art (CISA) Research Unit, Canterbury Christ Church University (Canterbury, Kent, UK)
  • Music, Thought and Technology, Orpheus Institute (Ghent, Belgium)

What do Norbert Weiner, Jimi Hendrix and TripAdvisor clients have in common?  An obsession with feedback.  Feedback lies at the core of self-stabilizing systems, unstable guitars and social networks alike.  Contemporary music is an especially rich domain for the study of feedback, since it often incorporates the phenomenon in multiple guises: in software, instruments, ensemble interaction.


Jonathan Impett, Orpheus Institute

Matt Wright, School of Creative Arts and Industries, Canterbury Christ Church University and Orpheus Institute

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  • 11.30 Coffee
  • 11.50 Welcome
  • 12.00 Session 1
  • 1.30 Lunch
  • 2.30 Session 2
  • 4.00 Coffee
  • 4.30 Session 3
  • 6.00 Break
  • 6.30 Session 4

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