O.E.M. Consort

Orpheus Experimental Music Consort

Luk Vaes

O.E.M. kist

O.E.M. stands for Orpheus Experimental Music as well as for "original equipment manufacturer", a concept in e.g. car- and computer industries meant to distinguish parts originally produced for assembly by other companies from parts made "after-market". While the latter may be fabricated with updated technology and materials, they may not have been held to the same specifications of quality, durability, assembly fit, etc. as the O.E.M. equivalents. The O.E.M. Consort explores comparable differences between the known present-day performance practices and the sometimes surprising outcome of working with standards and tools of bygone performance practices.
Complementing both the existing new and early music ensembles, whilst simultaneously combining their characteristically separated missions of playing in 'historically informed performance' manner and promoting modern music, the modular O.E.M. Consort is a worldwide first in that it consists of artistic researchers that perform their newly established research outcomes, in conferences, concert series and festivals.


10.X.2022, 8.30pm
Gent, Belgium
The Performer-Composer conference
John Cage: Imaginary Landscape V
Magno Caliman, Paulo Dantas, Paulo de Assis, Bruno Forment, Marco Fusi, Anastasia Kefala, Alberto Piovesan, Juan Parra Cancino, Zeynep Toraman, Luk Vae


14.XI.2016, 2.15pm
Gent, Belgium 
20 years Orpheus 
Mauricio Kagel: Ludwig van - hommage von Beethoven 
Jonathan Impett, Seth Josel, Bobby Mitchell, Dirk Moelants, Ellie Nimeroski, Juan Parra, Luk Vaes

29.X.2016, 12.30pm 
Performers' Present Symposium 
Mauricio Kagel: Acustica 
Noah Diggs, Christine Tandinata, Lee Yi, Ding Chao, Luk Vaes

27.VI.2016, 8pm 
Venice, Italy
Giorgio Cini Foundation 
Mauricio Kagel: Tactil, Unter Strom 
Seth Josel, Jona Kesteleyn, Luk Vaes

10.IV.2016, 8.15pm 
Hannover, Germany 
Mauricio Kagel: Tactil, Unter Strom 
Seth Josel, Jona Kesteleyn, Luk Vaes