Virtual Works Actual Things - Media Repository

This online repository -hosted on the website of the Orpheus Institute- contains complementary materials to the publication Virtual Works - Actual Things.

I. Opening Session - 4 April 2016

Rasch14 Loving Barthes, for piano, tape, and video projector

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II. Evening Concert - 5 April 2016

Diabelli Machines #5, after Beethoven's Diabelli Variations, op. 120

New works by Lucia D’Errico (WP), Paolo Galli, David Gorton, Tiziano Manca, Juan Parra C., Bart Vanhecke

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III. Closing Performance - 6 April 2016

Part I

Shadows from the Empty Centre, after pieces by Athanasius Kircher, Nicola Vicentino, and Sigismondo d’India

Lucia D’Errico: concept, guitars, and electronics

Part II

Reinterpretation: On John Cage’s Aria/Fontana Mix

Juan Parra C.: electronics