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Date and location

June 29, 2017
Orpheus Institute

Electric Salon with Juan Parra & Jonathan Impett

EventJune 29, 2017

Who's afraid of sound processing?

Juan Parra and Jonathan Impett (BE) present a hands-on introduction to the software environments most used by serious sound, interaction and multimedia artists: Max and Pd. These are flexible and powerful tools, but grounded in a few straightforward principles. You will quickly learn the basic concepts so that you can begin to develop your own ideas. Whatever, your own musical language, just bring a laptop and headphones (Max offers a 30-day demo version, and Pd is free).

What to bring?

Please bring a laptop and headphones.

Orpheus Electric Salon

Orpheus Electric Salon returns with a flash-sequence of events in June – weekly sessions to show, learn, develop and play sound-work. Nicolas Collins hosts a series of guests addressing topics important to everyone working with sound.

Calling musicians (electronic and steam), sound-artists, multi-media artists, performers, composers, hackers, instrument builders – these salons cover a range of ideas relevant to us all, whether established practitioner, curious musician or absolute beginner.

Each week there will be hacking workshop, a chance to share your work, a hands-on introduction from expert artists to crucial elements of contemporary sound-work – and perhaps a chance to play together.

Thursdays 17.00 – 21.00 through June.



Electric Salons at Orpheus are open for all and free to join, but registration is required (max. 25).

Deadline: 27 June 2017