Historical Piano Summer Academy

Date and location

from July 3, 2018 until July 12, 2018
Orpheus Institute

Call: Historical Piano Summer Academy 2018

Eventfrom July 3, 2018 until July 12, 2018

Directed by Tom Beghin and Erin Helyard

The ten-day course has two components: the artistic research project of the participants, as it relates to any of the nine historical pianos that we can make available, and a collective Concours révolutionnaire around the 1803 Erard piano.

Directed by Tom Beghin (Orpheus Institute and McGill University) and Erin Helyard (Melbourne University)

With as special guests: Frédéric de La Grandville (Université de Reims) & Jeanne Roudet (Université-Paris, Sorbonne)

Hannah Aelvoet (Belgium), Domitille Bès (France), Shin Hwang (USA), Luca Montebugnoli (Italy), Márcio Reverbel (Brazil), Liselotte Sels (Belgium), Joshua Villanueva (USA), Akkra Yeunyonghattaporn (Thailand)


This ten-day academy puts at your disposal an impressive collection of nine historical pianos of English, French, and Viennese design, from the period 1780–1840, either newly built or restored. You will be able to experiment with them, practice on them, share your questions and findings, and receive feedback from fellow participants and instructors. You will also join a performance experiment, entitled Concours révolutionnaire. Putting in focus a newly built 1803 Erard piano en forme de clavecin, we will imagine and rehearse what it meant to be an ambitious piano student in the early years of the Paris Conservatoire. Hoping to win that prestigious premier prix, each of us will prepare and perform a “prize winning” sonata.

This event is part of the Research Cluster, Declassifying the Classics, led by Prof. Tom Beghin at the Orpheus Institute.

Application deadline was 2 March 2018

Maximum number of participants: 8


Pianos Maene

In collaboration with

Pianos Maene, Ruiselede (Belgium)