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Music for Two Guitarists – Revised New Edition 2020 edited by Seth Josel [2guit] 1977/2020 Duration: 26'

Published by Breitkopf & Härtel

The need for a new edition became evident during extensive study of the work’s source materials. These include not only conventional written sources – notebooks, sketches, drafts, the fair copy, and publisher’s proofs – but also oral and performance histories:  interviews with Lachenmann, discussions with the first performers, Wilhelm Bruck and Theodor Ross, and, importantly, the performance materials used by that duo.

Among the most significant changes and features in the new edition are:

  • The restoration of the traditional 5-line staff for the right-hand that Lachenmann originally used. - The restoration of the text as originally written by Lachenmann, including his striking use of capitalisations of plosives and consonants, which is highly suggestive and expressive.
  • A supplemental “Etude,” written by the editor and consisting of the rhythmic structure of the spoken section, together with the formerly included IPA notation. This not only serves as a study aid but facilitates performance by non-German speakers and also provides a significantly improved translation of the text.