Orpheus 20years 1

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van 13 november 2016 tot 15 november 2016
Orpheus Institute, Ghent (Belgium)


Eventvan 13 november 2016 tot 15 november 2016

Orpheus Instituut celebrates its 20th anniversary

2016-2017 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Orpheus Institute. We will celebrate this occasion with forty-eight hours of music, discussion and festivity to take place in Ghent from the afternoon of Sunday 13 November to the morning of Tuesday 15, 2016.

Orpheus 20 years


Sunday 13 November

16.00: Alumni take the floor

Alumni of our doctoral programme docARTES and the laureate programme present performances throughout the Orpheus building, the fruits of a generation of artistic research in music.

19.00: Opening and Concert You Shall Not Turn

Official opening of Orpheus’ 20 years jubilee. Tiziano Manca’s composition You Shall Not Turn is premiered as part of a programme of vocal and technological music. This special concert also includes the premiere of Nicolas Collins’ Speak, Memory and a rare performance of Post-prae-ludium per Donau by Luigi Nono.

Monday 14 November

9.00 – 17.30: Rethinking the Practices of Music

Five Orpheus research groups present their work in a series of musical events. The common thread is their constant re-examining of the relationship between artistic activity and research. These artistic presentations are therefore interspersed with two panel discussions confronting questions raised by this generational moment. Experts in the field discuss present and future challenges for artistic research in music with researchers from the Orpheus Institute and our guests: Being Inside: As artistic research in music is acknowledged as an actor, as a valid mode of knowledge production, how does it negotiate relationships with disciplines, with bodies of theory and with institutions? Are there new responsibilities? Staying outside: As a new research ethos, early work in artistic research could claim a radical stance, a position outside. As an emerging activity it accumulates practice, theory and history. How does it learn and develop while maintaining a critical edge? Is artistic research inherently a discipline of resistance, and how can that be sustained?

20.00:  Presentation of Beethoven’s Erard 1803 piano

Beethoven’s Erard piano (1803) is ready to be heard again, freshly built. Tom Beghin, Chris Maene, and their research team discuss the complex reconstruction process of this first-ever replica, and perform some French music that would have been idiomatic to the instrument, along with (of course!) some Beethoven, the inspired owner of a new and special instrument

Tuesday 15 November

10.00 – 13.00: Farewell brunch

Closure of the 20th anniversary celebration with a farewell brunch offered by the Orpheus Institute.