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Funding voor "Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates" project

Nieuws 21 september 2018

Orpheus Instituut engageert zich in Erasmus+ strategisch partnerschap voor hoger onderwijs (2018-2021)

Het Orpheus Instituut en acht andere Europese instituten zullen samenwerken in een driejarig multidisciplinair Erasmus+ project. Het strategisch partnerschap "Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates" kreeg funding toegekend van het Erasmus+ programma van de Europese Unie.

Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates aims to improve doctoral education at art universities. It addresses doctoral supervision as the core component in doctoral education, proposing a balanced set of measures to improve supervision on a practical level (addressing institutions and students), a strategic level (addressing membership organisations), and on an advocacy level (addressing stakeholders and policy makers). The members of the project consortium, led by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, come from all artistic fields (fine arts, media arts, performative arts, architecture and design, music, art theory) ensuring a transnational and transdisciplinary perspective of supervision in artistic research.

The Orpheus Institute has several years of experience on this topic by coordinating the docARTES doctoral programme and is looking forward to the results of this partnership.

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Project Reference: 2018-1-AT01-KA203-039320

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