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Jonathan Impett writes monograph on Luigi Nono

Nieuws 26 oktober 2018

Routledge Handbook to Luigi Nono and Musical Thought

​This new book by Orpheus Institute’s Director of Research Jonathan Impett presents the evolution of Luigi Nono’s musical thought as a unique instance of artistic research in practice. This groundbreaking monograph is the most complete survey of Nono’s work to date, and the first in English.

This book is the fruit of work in Orpheus Institute’s Music, Thought and Technology research group. An important thread through the narrative concerns the continuous interaction of compositional practice – its techniques, tools, actions, models and modes of thought – with philosophical, social and aesthetic questions and the fast-evolving technological environment of the late twentieth century. For Nono, every creative act – indeed, a whole musical life – is a conscious process of research and reinvention. His reflective practice involved the continuous inscription of ideas, experiments and materials, musical and otherwise. This vast body of sketches, notes and recordings provides a complex network of traces that is explored comprehensively in this new volume, the result of fifteen years of research.

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Routledge Handbook to Luigi Nono and Musical Thought

(Jonathan Impett)

Of the post-war, post-serialist generation of European composers, it was Luigi Nono who succeeded not only in identifying and addressing aesthetic and technical questions of his time but in showing a way ahead to a new condition of music in the twenty-first century. In many respects his music anticipates the new technological state of culture of the twenty-first century while radically reconnecting with our past. His work is itself a case-study in the evolution of musical activity and the musical object: from the period of an apparently stable place for art music in Western culture to its manifold new states in our century.

Table of contents

1. Prolegomena: a Venetian Pre-biography 2. Accelerated Learning: Years of Study 1942-1950 3. Confronting Modernism: Darmstadt 4. Taking positions: song 5. ‘Docere e movere’: Il canto sospeso 6. Poetry and drama 7. Intolleranza 1960 8. New spaces: studio, street, factory 9. Manifestos 10. Al gran sole carico d’amore 11. Waves 12. Verso Prometeo 13. a tragedy of listening 14. Resonances 15. Possible worlds

Published by Routledge, October 2018, 246x174: 528 pp, 182 illustrations

Hb: 978-1-409-45597-4 | eBook: 978-0-429-48573-2