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Nieuws 6 september 2018


Het Orpheus Instituut is verheugd om drie nieuwe publicaties te lanceren van de MusicExperiment21 onderzoeksgroep, geleid door Paulo de Assis: Powers of Divergence (Lucia D'Errico), Transpositions (Michael Schwab, ed.) en Virtual Works - Actual Things (Paulo de Assis, ed.).

Alle boeken werden uitgegeven door Leuven University Press en zijn beschikbaar in Open Access en in print.

Het laatste boek van de MusicExperiment21 onderzoeksgroep wordt binnenkort verwacht: Logic of Experimentation (Paulo de Assis).

Powers of Divergence

Powers of Divergence

An Experimental Approach to Music Performance

(Lucia D'Errico)

What does it mean to produce resemblance in the performance of written music? Starting from how this question is commonly answered by the practice of interpretation in Western notated art music, this book proposes a move beyond commonly accepted codes, conventions and territories of music performance. Appropriating reflections from post-structural philosophy, visual arts and semiotics, and crucially based upon an artistic research project with a strong creative and practical component, it proposes a new approach to music performance. The approach is based on divergence, on the difference produced by intensifying the chasm between the symbolic aspect of music notation and the irreducible materiality of performance. Instead of regarding performance as reiteration, reconstruction and reproduction of past musical works, Powers of Divergence emphasises its potential for the emergence of the new and for the problematisation of the limits of musical semiotics.

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Aesthetico-Epistemic Operators in Artistic Research

(Michael Schwab, ed.)

Research leads to new insights rupturing the existent fabric of knowledge. Situated in the still evolving field of artistic research, this book investigates a fundamental quality of this process. Building on the lessons of deconstruction, artistic research invents new modes of epistemic relationships that include aesthetic dimensions.

Under the heading transposition, seventeen artists, musicians, and theorists explain how one thing may turn into another in a spatio-temporal play of identity and difference that has the power to expand into the unknown. By connecting materially concrete positions in a way familiar to artists, this book shows how moves can be made between established positions and completely new ground. In doing so, research changes from a process that expands knowledge to one that creatively reinvents it.

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Virtual Works Actual Things

Virtual Works – Actual Things

Essays in Music Ontology

(Paulo de Assis, ed.)

What are musical works? How are they constructed in our minds? Which material things allow us to speak about them in the first place? Does a specific way of conceiving musical works limit their performative potentials? Which alternative, more productive images of musical work can be devised? Virtual Works – Actual Things addresses contemporary music ontological discourses, challenging dominant musicological accounts, questioning their authoritative foundation and moving towards dynamic perspectives devised by music practitioners and artist researchers. Specific attention is given to the relationship between the virtual multiplicities that enable the construction of an image of a musical work and the actual, concrete materials that make such a construction possible. With contributions by prominent scholars, this book is a wide-ranging and fascinating collection of essays, which will be of great interest for artistic research, contemporary musicology, music philosophy, performance studies and music pedagogy alike.

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