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Nieuws 4 september 2018


The Orpheus Institute is happy to release two new mixed media outputs from the MusicExperiment21 research cluster, led by Paulo de Assis: Luigi Nono .....sofferte onde serene... (CD with booklet and analytical diagrams) and Diabelli Machines8 (CD, DVD and booklet).

.....sofferte onde serene...

CD with 24-pages booklet and analytical diagrams disclosing the compositional process 

This CD contains three different recordings of Luigi Nono’s .....sofferte onde serene..., using a reconstruction of the original stereophonic tape, which has not been available since Maurizio Pollini’s first recording of the work in 1979. The tape was rebuilt at the Orpheus Institute on the basis of Luigi Nono’s “working tapes,” following Paulo de Assis’s precise reconstruction of the complete compositional process—a striking example of the potential of “research on tapes,” comparable to the well-established practice of “research on sketches.” Alongside a new essay, the CD is complemented by analytical charts that illuminate the form of the piece and the interaction between the tape and the piano. Furthermore, five detailed diagrams expose the link between the compositional process as expressed in the sketches and its development in the printed score—what Paulo de Assis calls “ontogenetic analysis.”

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Diabelli Machines8

CD, DVD and 32-pages booklet with essay

The CD presents six new pieces, which were composed in response to specific variations from Beethoven’s original work, and the first ever recording of the 1819 version of the Diabelli Variations. The DVD documents a live performance of Diabelli Machines in which the time machine is staged through conventional piano performance, transcriptions of the original variations for ensemble, and contemporary pieces. And the comprehensive new essay provides detailed insight into the ideas behind this project and its wider implications for future experimental performance practices of Western notated art music.

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) / ERC grant agreement n° 313419.

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