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On the Creativity of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Nieuws 30 november 2023

Can artificial intelligence be creative? The topic of artificial intelligence’s creativity is recently a subject of intense debates and analyses. However, it is important to distinguish between creativity resulting from true innovation and creativity that is the result of processing and reconfiguring existing data. This raises the question: is AI truly creative, or does it merely imitate human creativity using advanced algorithms?

How to use AI in education?

Adam Łukawski, a researcher at the Orpheus Institute, was appointed by the Minister of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Poland to join the advisory working group on Artificial Intelligence. This group includes members from various sectors: state (Ministry of Education and Sciences), commercial (Microsoft, Google), research (Institute for Educational Research, IBE), and educational organisations. In this role, Adam co-authored the second guide in a series aimed at teachers, focusing on the integration of Artificial Intelligence in educational settings, and contributed a chapter about the creative capabilities of generative AI. This guide has been disseminated across Polish educational institutions at all levels through a state-managed digital educational platform.

Chapter: On the Creativity of Generative Artificial Intelligence

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