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Research Assistant for Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project

Nieuws 2 april 2019

Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates: The Art of Feedback

The Orpheus Institute welcomes Christina Stabourlos as a new research assistant. Christina will work on 'The Art of Feedback', the subproject in phase 3 of the 'Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates' project (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 2018-2021).

Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates (ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership project 2018-2021) produces intellectual outputs ready to use for those involved in doctoral supervision across all art disciplines. Innovative formats like an interactive mindmap, exhibitions and essays, a non-normative guide book, a web based tool kit and a prototype for a training module deal with all dimensions of the triangular doctoral framework: institution – supervisor – PhD candidate.

Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates is developed in a transnational cooperation setting coordinated following the publication of the ELIA position paper “The Florence Principles on the Doctorate in the Arts”. The consortium comprises nine partner institutions and is coordinated by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

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The Art of Feedback

The Orpheus Institute is lead partner in the subproject (workpackage) 'The Art of Feedback', which will dive deeper into strategies for feedback in the artistic research doctoral supervision. Numerous studies have recognised the need for specific training in this subject area.

Questions raised:

  • How can research output of a non-discursive nature or one that is not based on text be submitted to feedback in the context of artistic doctoral work?
  • What are the specific requirements for pertinent and efficient feedback in situations where non-discursive material has to be commented upon?
  • How can these new insights enrich relationships between supervisor and student?
Christina Stabourlos

Christina Stabourlos

We welcome Christina Stabourlos as research assistant for this specific project. Christina will conduct field work and qualitative research in relation to practices of feedback in the supervision of artistic research doctorates in institutions of higher education in the arts (music, theatre, visual arts, architecture, dance, etc.). This will lead to a feedback manual for the use of innovative techniques for feedback in the context of doctoral supervision in artistic research, which will be presented to a broader audience of PhD supervisors and students in a multiplier event organised in Ghent (18 - 20 November 2020).

Christina Stabourlos studied sociology at the University of Antwerp and specialised in cultural and urban sociology. She started studying piano at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, but had to stop because of an injury.