Seminar 2018

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van 21 februari 2018 tot 22 februari 2018
Orpheus Instituut

The Power of Musical Networks

Eventvan 21 februari 2018 tot 22 februari 2018

Orpheus Seminar 2018

Networks are everywhere these days. In effect, the new information technologies are interconnecting all aspects of our world, enabling unseen levels of social, political and economic interdependencies that characterise our times. The notion of Networks has become an extremely powerful metaphor, serving as a cornerstone for understanding this new complex, interconnected world.

Networks have transformed the creation, production and dissemination of art such as to change its very nature as a cultural artefact or human activity. Such a powerful trope allows for a wider range of interpretations and development. Moreover, it can serve as the ideal bridge between conceptual considerations from the technological and scientific domains, and creative/compositional enquiries from the artistic field. 
This seminar provides a forum for exploring these ideas and approaches, their commonalities and representations and for considering the wider creative and explanatory potential of networks.

Special guests

David Rosenboom (Composer, Dean School of Music, CalArts)
Chris Chafe (Composer, Director CCRMA, Stanford)
Fernando Rosas (Centre of Complexity Science, Imperial College, London)


Juan Parra (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)
Jonathan Impett (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)
Fernando Rosas (Imperial College, London)






General fee: € 50 (For docARTES students, Orpheus related researchers, teachers and students at Flemish conservatoires and all those who responded to the call for proposals, the general fee is waived)

Deadline: 15 February 2018