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van 20 februari 2013 tot 21 februari 2013
Orpheus Instituut

The (Re)sounding Experiment: Traces, Faces and Spaces of Artistic Research

Eventvan 20 februari 2013 tot 21 februari 2013

ORCiM Seminar 2013

The fifth International ORCiM Seminar organised at the Orpheus Institute offers an opportunity for an international group of contributors to explore specific aspects of ORCiM's research focus: Artistic Experimentation in Music. The theme of the conference is: Traces, faces and spaces of artistic research.

This two-day international seminar aims at exploring the complex impact of experimentation in artistic practice and artistic research. The Orpheus Institute welcomes proposals for presentations, compositions or performances that create conjunctions and disjunctions around the three notions of faces, traces and spaces of the artistic experiment. The seminar is particularly directed at composers and music practitioners working in areas of research linked to artistic experimentation.

Organising Committee

Kathleen Coessens (Belgium), Anna Scott (Canada/The Netherlands)