Nicholas Cornia, born in Rome in 1989, considers himself neither a scientist nor an artist, but rather a special combination of the two. He studied Mathematics and Physics at the University La Sapienza of Rome. After two years as Phd student at the Informatics Department of the University of Amsterdam he decided to dedicate himself to music at the Royal Conservatoire of Ghent, where he studied Classical Singing, Music Theory and Pedagogy. Since 2018 he has been active as artistic director of the ensemble Le Vecchie Musiche, creating original musical projects based on interdisciplinary research. In 2022, he joined the research group Labo XIXXX at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp as the main investigator of the FAAM project, a Digital Humanities platform for music annotations in the long 19th century. He is also research assistant at Orpheus Instituut since 2023, working on the Resounding Libraries project.