Contrary to the widespread idea that Beethoven composed only five piano concertos, we know that he composed seven. Why the early piano concerto in E flat major (WoO4) and the original piano version of the violin concerto Op. 61a face resistance in being fully acknowledged by performers, musicologists, and audiences remains something of a mystery. Both pieces have been published long time ago and have been performed and recorded by many pianists. Specially focusing on these two “ignored” piano concertos, the performative project Beethoven 5+2 offers new insights in all seven piano concertos, which are presented in uniquely designed performances and installations with or without orchestra exploring different networked connections between them all.

The project has made three public performances in 2019-2020: (1) with the Zuidnederlands Orchestra Maastricht (February 2019), (2) with the Singapore Conservatoire Orchestra (October 2019), and (3) with soloists from the Norwegian Academy of Music (February 2020).


Nov 2019; Jan – Feb 2020
Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway

Paulo de Assis | concept, installation, piano & direction
Simen Brenden | percussion
Lucia D’Errico | video projection and electronics
Sigstein Folgerø | piano
Kristian Heian | organ
Grace Oh | piano
Chris Stover | trombone
Vivian Louise Tsui | piano


Oct 2019
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore

Paulo de Assis | concept, installation, piano & direction
Lucia D’Errico | video projection and electronics 
Lien Boon Hua | conductor
Lin Yu-Chen | violin
Singapore Conservatoire Orchestra


Feb 2019 
Sint-Jans Kerk, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Paulo de Assis | concept, piano & direction  
Philarmonie Zuidnederland