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  • Auteur(s)William Brooks, Stefan Östersjö, and Jez Wells
  • Publicatiejaar2020
  • SeriesOrpheus Institute Series
  • CodeEAN: 7 26708 63612 8
  • Prijs€ 20


We choose to call this album Footnotes because it presents the artefactual results—or, perhaps more properly, the counterfactual results—of a lengthy research process that has led us into various historic documents, recordings, and technologies. The process, in this case, constitutes the research, and it is discussed at length in our chapter in Voices, Bodies, Practices (Leuven University Press, 2019). That chapter constitutes, in effect, our central research output (if output there must be); the six tracks on this album are merely the citations—the footnotes—with which the chapter is adorned.

A brief description of the six tracks follows. We are responsible for many of the names attached to them, which evolved in the course of our work as a kind of shorthand for a collection of artefacts and experiences. It will be evident that a prime motivator for our interest was that each track involves mysteries of some sort, many of which have not been resolved. For a more detailed explanation of our thinking, and of the tracks and their contents, see the publication cited above.


Track 1. Cage

Track 2. Cotten

Track 3. Crump


Track 4. ibid.

Track 5. Cotten, loc. cit.

Track 6. Cage, passim

Total duration: 45:12