Open Circuit

Open Circuit 2017

Open Circuit 2018 at Turner Contemporary (Margate, UK)

Office whiteboard

photos: Nicholas Brown

Electric Salons

  • Electric Salon with Nicolas Collins: Hardware Hacking (2017) 
  • Electric Salon with Derek Holzer and Jeroen Vandesande: SoundBoxes workshop (2017) 
  • Electric Salon with Davide Tidoni: Listening / Intervention (2017) 
  • Electric Salon with Jan Schacher: Arduino! (2017) 
  • Electric Salon with Juan Parra & Jonathan Impett: Who's afraid of sound processing? (2017) 
  • Electric Salon XL with Darien Brito, Magno Caliman, Nicolas Collins, Jonathan Impett and Juan Parra Cancino (2019)