Explicit knowledge and artistic experiments

Hans Roels


2010 - 2013

In the first phase of this research project a set of rules about the creation of hyperpolyphonic music will be designed. This set of rules will built upon knowledge from psycho-acoustics about the perception of multi-layered music and upon personal artistic experiences as a composer. In a next phase this model will be translated into a setup for experiments which will be carried out by a group of improvisers and composers. The musical strategies of these improvisers and composers to create highly independent but perceivable sound layers will be matched with the original set of rules. This will be done by recording and analysing the experimental results. Possible flaws and shortcomings in the set of rules can thus be detected and finally a refined and improved version of this rule set can be constructed.

The goal of this research project is to obtain explicit and applicable artistic knowledge (about the creation of hyperpolyphony) through experiments with improvisers and composers.