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from June 13, 2024 until June 27, 2024

Orpheus Instituut, Korte Meer 12 // Het Koetshuis, Korte Meer 20A

Orpheus Live Concert Series

Eventfrom June 13, 2024 until June 27, 2024

Orpheus Instituut presents its new series Orpheus Live, in which artist-researchers share their ideas, experiments, and cutting-edge musicking. These one-hour after-work presentations are designed to reflect Orpheus’s mission to transform musical practice.

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Ivana Jelača: 4 Stanze / 1 Salon, fortepiano

Date: June 13th

Location: Orpheus Instituut

Time: 6pm-7pm

As a multisensory and multimedia experience, a salon is open to the unexpected. Participating musicians might need to sight-read, play parts idiomatic to different instruments, or improvise on the spur of the moment. This project offers a new take on site-specific performance by depicting creative spaces and repertoires performed at the old summer villas of Dubrovnik (Croatia). The concept is devised as a modern experiment which seeks to culturally broaden the scope of music-making, inspired by historical salon traditions.

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Juan Parra Cancino, Jonathan Impett - In Search of a Melody

Date: June 27th

Location: Orpheus Instituut

Time: 6pm-7pm

We present Jonathan Harvey's classic work ricercare una melodia for trumpet and tape delay system, and Agostino di Scipio's radical reconceiving of the acoustic space as a live ecosystem in his Interferences. Eliane Radigue's feedback work Usral is reimagined as a live modular piece utilising the soundworld of her cherished ARP 2500.

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