Afterwork Concert 1 Visual

Datum en locatie

24 september 2020
18:00 - 19:00
Orpheus Instituut Koetshuis (Korte Meer 20A, 9000 Gent)

PROMETHEUS - Imagining Sounds

Event24 september 2020

Afterwork concert #1

Naar aanleiding van 'Beethoven ongekunsteld', het jaarprogramma waarin het Orpheus Instituut 250 jaar Beethoven en 5 jaar 'Declassifying the Classics' viert, vinden er vijf afterwork concerten plaats in het Orpheus Instituut. Deze concerten worden telkens gecureerd door een onderzoeker van de 'Declassifying the Classics' onderzoeksgroep. Het eerste concert, op donderdag 24 september (oorspronkelijk gepland op 26 maart), werd samengesteld door doctoraal onderzoeker Prach Boondiskulchok (pianist en componist).


Curator: Prach Boondiskulchok


  • Steibelt: Mélange Op. 10
  • Beethoven: Prometheus Variations Op. 35
  • Boondiskulchok: Prometheus (2020) Belgian Premiere

Performers: Prach Boondiskulchok, Luca Montebugnoli, Sanae Zanane en Jenna Sherry

Piano's: Walter and Erard

In 1802, Beethoven wrote his Fifteen Variations with a Fugue Op. 35 “in an entirely new manner.”  The theme itself is a recycled melody from his earlier Creatures of Prometheus.  The novelty, however, lies in Beethoven’s embracing a new sonic sensibility.

I have assembled this programme to trace a story around Beethoven's sonic imagination that may well have started in a pianistic duel with Daniel Steibelt in spring 1800. In spite of reports of Beethoven having mocked his Parisian rival, we believe that Beethoven left impressed with Steibelt’s pianistic effects.  Drawing on both composers' fascination with sound worlds, I have written a new work, entitled Prometheus, to be performed in juxtaposition with the older works.

We present this concert on two fortepianos: a Viennese Walter (which Beethoven would have had) and a French Erard (the piano that Steibelt knew well and that Beethoven may have started to want, before actually ordering one in 1803).  With the instruments side by side, we create sound combinations that Beethoven may well have imagined.  But while Beethoven dreamt of sounds produced by technology he did not yet have, my Prometheus uses historical instruments we do have to create new sonic possibilities.

- Prach Boondiskulchok

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