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Date and location

April 2, 2022
2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Concertgebouw Brugge

Orpheus Instituut at Concertgebouw Brugge

EventApril 2, 2022

The resonance of time in music

After the success of the first Orpheus Institute curated day at Concertgebouw Brugge in 2019, a second edition is planned for 2022. Three research clusters will be involved for a workshop, a concert, presentations and a lecture-performance.

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Performances, lectures and workshops on musical time

Music is the art of time par excellence, so much so that there is often a difference between music time, experienced time and real, objective time. Music seems to be able to stretch and contract time. Moreover, music messes with the memory, misleading and influencing its listeners. The Orpheus Institute guides us through musical nostalgia and timelessness. Along the way, revealing how music influences our perception of time, how technology affects that experience and how libraries aid and colour our memory.


14.00 workshop Sounding Time
Juan Parra Cancino

14.00 presentation Phonographic listening at the fin-de-siècle
Jonathan Impett

15.00 lecture-performance Sonority, Nostalgia, and Timelessness
Tom Beghin

16.15 presentation The Resounding Libraries Mnemonic Curio Clavier
Bruno Forment

17.15 concert:
Daniela Fantechi, Nicholas Brown, Magno Caliman, Nicolas Collins, Simon Waters, Matthew Wright (Music, Thought & Technology group): ensemble


George Lewis (1952)
Creation (commissioned by Concertgebouw Brugge)


The resonance of time in music

2 April 2022, Concertgebouw Brugge

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